Project Description

Advanced Reconfigurable Modular OTA RF Test Enclosures,
≥100 dB isolation, 300 MHz – 90 GHz

The dbSAFE ARMOR series of shielded boxes are cost-effective solutions for OTA testing in the mmWave spectrum. Providing a shielded, fully anechoic test environment, these RF test enclosures ensure stable and repeatable measurements over a wide frequency range (from 300 MHz to 90 GHz).

DVTEST’s advanced double-wall technology and the resulting high isolation level make them suitable for testing 5G applications such as low frequency devices (below 1 GHz), LTE-AP, 5G-NR, and mmWave (FR1 and FR2).

The dbSAFE ARMOR series shield boxes can include racking options to incorporate instruments directly at the enclosure – minimizing pathloss and ensuring you get the best results.

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RF Test Enclosure Selection Guide